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Service Commitment

Since the launch of our company, we have established a strict and perfect product quality assurance system and implemented meticulous and scientific management. Every process is equipped with full-time quality inspectors and process supervisors to conduct all-round and whole process monitoring and management for every product. All members are involved in quality control to ensure that there is no quality problem after each product is out of the factory. The after-sale service of our company is directly responsible for the profile sales staff, and the technical support is provided by the technical department.
Service purpose:
Dongcheng aluminum has always been to "honesty, responsibility, sharing, Zhiyuan" for the purpose, focus on the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, not for the moment of glory, but a faithful; adhering to credit, keep responsibility, "would rather not too difficult for involved, to survive, is the pursuit of Dongcheng people. East city people insist on such an attitude to do things, in such a way to win the trust!
Service commitment:
1. quality on-time delivery, product quality in strict accordance with the national standards GB5237-2008 requirements of the implementation of production, for each batch of products manufactured according to the detection data issued by the quality guarantee.
2., if there are some technical problems in the process of using, our company will give a reply at the first time after receiving the notification. If our company's professional staff is to cooperate on site, our company will cooperate with each other and be considerate and meticulous.
3. if there are complaints about the quality dissent customers, our company will be in line with the principle of customer first, timely communication and proper handling.
Service measures:
Every salesperson has the obligation to sell products after sale, and our company has formulated the responsibilities and quality remedial measures for every department after sale.
1. the sales department will be responsible for customer complaints and timely feedback to company, company to develop solutions and service measures to the production sector, the implementation of customer service service. Quality inspection department is responsible for the quality inspection and supervision work, the production department, technical department according to the solution, and to deal with.
2., collect customer feedback product information timely, identify the situation, analyze the reasons and propose solutions based on the customers' opinions, and solve the problem with the fastest speed when meeting the customer's requirements.
3. in case of the damage caused by the quality of the product, our company is responsible for the free replacement. The quality of the products caused by other reasons will be negotiated by both parties.
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