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As the soul of an enterprise, is the potential for future development of enterprises, Dongcheng aluminum has been focusing on the research and development of products and technologies since its inception, in a prospective study, customer product synchronization and common development, process improvement research and development are leading in the industry, the company has made Aluminum Alloy structure within the domestic industry as the technology center the number of municipal enterprises. Through nearly ten years' Cultivation in the aluminum alloy structure manufacturing industry, Dongcheng aluminum technology has accumulated rich experience in mold design, casting tools and process design, CNC finishing tools and process design, product and material testing.
Enterprise technology center is the main factory of scientific research and development, the technology center has a staff of 15 people, 6 people are directly engaged in the product development process, the development of 2 people, engaged in the investment decision-making, project management of 2 people, engaged in market analysis and study of 1 people, engaged in product certification, standard 2, test room 2. Among the above, 3 senior engineers, 7 engineers and 2 assistant engineers. The main technical leader of the developer was 2, with an average age of 30 years.
At present, the company has the die structure design technology, the mold surface repair technology, and has a number of unique production technology. With the advantage of product technology research and development over the years, the company's "common development" gained full recognition of the downstream customers, the company response time, the manufacturing process of corrective feedback time, flexible manufacturing and other aspects also has a high degree of customer support in new product development.
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